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Farm and Garden Links

Milkwood - DIY for and awesome organic lifeMilkwood - DIY for and awesome organic life
AgriGator - Worldwide agricultural site index.
Tractor Tips
About Gardening
Green Space Pro - professional gardening, UK
Glossary of Vegetables
Irish Farmers Journal
Gardening Launch Pad
Yahoo - Agriculture


LOHAS links

Astraea - offering information and commentary on globally responsible management science and systems divided into sections on human health, learning and spiritual development. Also offers globally responsible investment links.
Biodiesel Information Centre
Centre for Alternative Technology
Food and Nutrition Information Center
Forum For The Future
Institute For Social Ecology
Resurgence Magazine
Steiner College
Social Ecology Homepage
Sustainable Energy Institute
UNEP State of the Environment

Local resources

Carlow Tourism covers many useful areas, including eating out and other activities.


Genealogy and History

The Butler Society


The Swift Guide To Ireland
The Irish Tourist Board
Local Ireland - genealogy, tourism, maps, weather
Go Ireland - tourism services, accommodation, car rental, information.
Jim Kelly's site offers information on car rental, driving in Ireland, accommodation and activities.

Website and IT

With help and advice from, we've been able to implement an opensource (anyone can develop the software), cross-platform (works across windows, Mac and linux) IT system. It works! Thanks to mozilla, and linux (we've used Lindows and SuSE distributions). And by the way, we've had no computer training.

We've been using the Mozilla browser/email/addressbook/htmleditor/IRCclient for a longtime now and recommend it as better than Internet Explorer or any other substitute. Its highly functional and flexible. Tabbed pages make browsing fast and easy. And all data like favorites or addressbooks are stored in text readable files so you can always read them. Its great. Its FREE. Thank you MOZILLA.ORG! Download a copy from

We've also been using office suite. It does it all! Wordprocessing, spreadsheet, presentations, drawing. It can integrate with your addressbook for mail synchronisation. Its great. Its FREE. Thank you OPENOFFICE.ORG! Download a freecopy from

Other Links

How Stuff Works
International Network on Technical Information
Intermediate Technology Development Group
Pestalozzi Children's Charities - a group of charities working to educate children in deveoping economies. We have contribted to this enterprise. The web site has interesting information on education and cultural adaptation of technology.