The course is composed of seven sessions, March to September, of an hour each supplemented with video, handouts and references.

The content will be adapted to the season, the weather on the day and participants' input.

All content is subject to change.

Participants should have notetaking equipment and access to the internet.  For on site sessions, appropriate clothing is recommended including boots and weatherproof outerwear.


Session 1

Planning, Soil, Sowing

Our story – why and we started this adventure.

Planning – what, where, how, ...

Soil – dig, prepare, test



Sowing, choosing seeds

Planting, (onions, beans, potatoes)

Session 2

Review past month


Options ...

Review past month – onions, broad beans, potatoes, leaves, brassicas, beetroot; tomatoes. Goslings.


Tools, irrigation.


Coming up – Pumpkin, carrots


Marketing intro.