We welcome people to work at Ballin Temple.  You will benefit by learning and living in paradise.


Volunteers are welcomed at any time.  Please enquire.

We employ part time during the busiest periods.  We can discuss full time residential employment for people commited to sustainable smallholding.


Emilie (a residential volunteer from Belgium) making display presentations about organic growing for the Tullow Show.



Short term internships.

We offer spring/summer residential internships.  You will share in general work including gardening and building maintenance.  We provide accommodation and food.  People have found this a great way to learn about farm and garden work and put something interesting on their CV.



Full time contract.

We can provide a position for an individual, or family, interested in being a part of Ballin Temple.

You will offer initiative.  We offer Ballin Temple.  If that combination can generate income you will find a happy life at Ballin Temple.

You should be able to develop enterprise using the garden, fields, woodlands and/or cottages and other buildings.

It is suitable for a single adult or a couple with some experience of leisure and catering industries, rural enterprise or professional or entrepreneurial enterprise. An ideal candidate would combine the skills and experience of hotelier, caterer, carpenter, gardener, angler and administrator! You can expect to learn a lot and have great fun.

Some qualities which help include: initiative, building, carpentry, administration, driving, using tools, working with people. References are essential.

We expect that you will find the resources at Ballin Temple to make a wonderful life. Please visit Ballin Temple to have a look around. We appreciate enquiries from enthusiastic, experienced people.

Thank you.