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Ballin Temple is a unique venue.  It is a magical place whose natural energy invigorates everyone who comes here.

The spiritual feeling of this place has been recognised for centuries.  Famed historian Turtle Bunbury writes that the original temple on the banks of the Slaney might have been established by the Knights Templar (read his article Dark Knights and Blue Bells).  Visitors sense that even before their arrival, a spiritual force emanated from the granite rocks underlying this place of sanctuary - this baile an teampaill.

Nature's magic is felt throughout the woods, river and open fields which have been protected from the worst excesses of human invasion for centuries.

We are lucky to find ourselves here and work hard to preserve the essence of life that remains in the soil, trees and wild creatures that have made this place home for centuries.

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Personal Retreat: For those of you seeking rest and /or recuperation from illness, renting a shed for a period is recommended.  The clean air, fresh water and calm natural environment combined with walks in the woods has proven to be effective medicine!

Group Retreat and Workshops: Courses that have been held here focus on art, yoga, reconnecting with nature and advanced business management.  Coaches and teachers are invited to contact us to discuss customised programmes that they wish to deliver to their clients.

Indoor activities are accommodated in our tent (12 metre octagon), The Cow Shed (refoofed and refloored) and The Lodge (for more business focussed programmes).

Please get in touch to discuss your needs.


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